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The Creator - Teri Azar

Reading Solutions was developed by Teri Oberstein Azar who is a Reading Specialist in Laguna Hills, CA. Teri holds her Master of Education Degree and Reading Specialist Credential as well as her Life Teaching Credential from UCLA. She obtained her teaching credential under the direction of Dr. Madeline Hunter within her dynamic teaching program that emphasized the principles of learning and applied teaching strategies to ensure motivation and success for each learner. These theories and applications are now backed by more than twenty years of research and are reflected in the California State Standards as well as in excellent teaching practices throughout the world. They form the basis for the programs in Reading Solutions.

Teri has worked as a classroom teacher and reading specialist in both public and private schools for the past twenty-five years. She has taught at almost every grade level through eighth grade across many cultures both in the USA and abroad. Her most recent teaching experiences in Southern California include Teacher of Language Arts for a third grade Gifted and Talented Class, Lecturer of Reading Methods at the University of California at Irvine, and Title I Teacher (remedial learners) for fourth grade Language Arts. Currently she is a Practicum Supervisor, observing and giving feedback to intern teachers for the Department of Education of Orange County. She enjoys leading and organizing community book clubs and writing workshops for adults and children. It is from her vast teaching experiences and the parenting of her own children that the strategies which make up Reading Solutions have been created, field tested, revised and successfully implemented to facilitate significant skill building along with a genuine love for reading and writing for those who use them.

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